Tiny Arcade

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Ігри Розваги Бойовики Аркади
Розробник: The Ant Ranch
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Hot Retro Action! An upright console in the palm of your hand, Tiny Arcade is the hot retro action suite of games for your touch device.

Fight your friends Head to Head with the pocket version of Space Duel (Space Duel is also available for the iPad!), challenge them to Volley, or practice your fighting style solo in Survival!

The slick, simple retro graphics of an 80s arcade game have been re-created to stunning effect for your touch device. Tiny Arcade lets you discover the satisfying simplicity of early arcade games - the sound, the style... the fun you can have when a triangle challenges a circle in a fight to the death!

Retro-fun for all your Friends and Family!

Features include:
- 3 Complete Games
Space Duel, 2 Player Space Combat
Volley, 2 Player Bounce Action
Survival, 1 Player Space Combat

- Retro black and white graphics
- Old Skool Sounds
- Simple, straight forward FUN gameplay


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